My Most Essential Tracker In My Bullet Journal

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I am so glad I stumbled across bullet journaling! For many years I spent a great deal of time trying to find and purchasing planners that I thought would be a good fit for me without much success. For a long time I had hoped for a someone to combine a planner, to do list and journal all in one and Ryder Carroll had the perfect idea. I love how customizable the bullet journal is and how simple or elaborate you can make it. Now I know all of this seems redundant since I already wrote a post about why I love bullet journaling but I just had to say it again.

I started my bullet journal to keep visual guides to my progress on the goals I wanted to accomplish over the next year(s). One of my biggest goals I want to accomplish this year is buying a car. Now you might be saying to yourself “Really this is one of your biggest goals? Buying a car should be no big deal. Anyone can buy a car.” You have a may have a point there but I want to point out a couple of factors that hinder my progress. Factor 1.) My budget is very modest. I only bring in about $1600 a month with about $1100 going towards my fixed expenses. That leaves about $500 dollars for my variable expenses.

I have done a lot of cutting back on my variable expenses in order to put more money into my car fund. I have started using the Ibotta rebate app to get money back on my everyday purchases. I will be writing a post about how its working for me in the near future. Factor 2.) My credit right now isn’t in the greatest shape and you need to have a good credit score to do just about everything from buying a house or renting an apartment to something as simple as trying to switch cable and internet providers. With all that being said coming up with the funds to purchase a decent car is slow moving for me.

Now to get to what I really want to talk to you about in this post. As I have already stated, I am working towards saving for a decent down payment on a car and I have created a savings tracker to help me to remember to put every spare sent I can come up with into my savings account. If you are a Pinterest junkie like me and have even explored the idea of bullet journaling then you know how those of us who are into bullet journaling love our trackers. I also have a monthly bill tracker, a regular savings tracker, and a debt payment tracker.

My car savings tracker is set up pretty much like game board and since I am a preschool teacher I will use the example of Candy Land. We all know that game from our childhood of turning over cards revealing colored squares in order to move along the game board in order to reach King Kandy’s Castle. Well my car savings tracker titled From Heels To Wheels is a similar concept in that each space on the path has the amount of $50 written in the space. Whenever I place $50 into my savings account a space gets colored. Right now I have decided to stick to coloring my path to a car in green. I haven’t decided if I am going to switch to a different color or just keep coloring it green.

My goal is to reach at least $3,000. Now I know this amount is exceeds most typical down payments for a car but as I have stated earlier in this post my budget is very modest so whatever money I don’t use towards the down payment on my car I will put it towards a maintenance fund for the car. I have also set up an automatic transfer from my checking account to my savings so I can have a small but steady flow of money constantly going into my savings account each month. I hoping this will also help me to reach my goal within a few months.

Have a gotten you interested in starting your own bullet journal yet? If you do have a bullet journal of your own what are your essential trackers? Leave a comment.

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