How To Look For The Good In Everyday

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In my last couple of posts I had been sharing with you the pages in my bullet journal that I use to track my goals, budget and spending, and how I initially got started bullet journaling. As I have said too, my ultimate goal for my blog To A New Life is to inspire people to make a new life for themselves whether that means starting their own bullet journal to keep track of everything under the sun or make some financial changes whether it is to save more or pay off debt.In this post I would like to tell you about a page in my bullet journal that has absolutely nothing to do with goals or finances but is a pretty big part of how I make it through the hard times whether its just a bad day at work or a full blown crisis.

A little fun fact about me. My current full time job is a preschool teacher and I have to say its a pretty awesome job. The little ones I have in my care each day have been such inspiration to help me become the best version of myself. One of the themes I teach at the beginning of the school year happens to be a book study about a cat named Pete. I love these Pete the Cat stories because each story teaches children an important moral or lesson. One of my favorite stories about Pete the Cat happens to be about his cool blue magic sunglasses. In the story Pete happens to be having a bad day and a toad come by with some blue sunglasses and tells Pete that if he puts on the blue sunglasses they will help him to see things in a new way. Pete puts the glasses on and his mood starts to become more cheerful. He even helps out his friends who are also having bad days feel better by giving them a try with sunglasses. At the end of the story the sunglasses do end up breaking but a wise owl reminds Pete that he doesn’t need sunglasses to help him to see thing in a new way, he just needs to look for the good in everyday.

So now your probably thinking well what on earth does this cute story have to with bullet journaling? Well getting back to that page I was telling you that I have in my bullet journal that doesn’t have to do with goals or finances is my Gratitude log. A Gratitude log spread is use to record something you are thankful for or a good thing that happened to you on a given day. I do a gratitude log spread each month in my bullet journal. Because like that wise owl said to Pete, you just have to look for the good in everyday.

Many people set up their gratitude logs in different ways. Mine is set up like a monthly calendar and I just write in something good that happened on a given day. It could be a simple as a coworker saying they liked the new shirt I was wearing or something one of my little ones did that made me smile.

Here are some Gratitude log spread I found online:

This one below is from

This one below is from

This below is from

This one is from (not sure of the original owner)

This last one is my gratitude log for January (some things have been blurred to protect the innocent)

I hope this inspires you to look for the good in everyday and create a gratitude log of your own. If you have already made a gratitude log at some point please feel free to share it. I would love to see what you have come up with. 🙂


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