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The Best Lady Investment I’ve Ever Made

So you all know by now I am always on the look out for different ways to help me eliminate as many expenses from my budget as possible. In previous posts, I shared with you how I created a spending log to help me keep track of how much I spend on groceries, eating out, and bills and such to help guide me in establishing  a manageable budget. What I am about to share with you in this post might be a little too much for the guys but ladies you don’t want to miss this.  One expense I really wanted to eliminate from things I have to buy each month were items for the one ugly time of the month we all dread. Our period.

Not long ago, I  heard about a reusable menstruation cup from one of my coworkers and decided to look into it. The first couple I came across were pretty pricey. If you have ever looked into buying a menstruation cup yourself then you know  these reusable cups can cost anywhere from $30-$50.  As a girl looking to cut costs this investment still seemed to be a bit of a stretch for my wallet. Then one day while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I happened upon a video of a woman talking about a menstruation cup called The Blossom Cup. In her story, she had talked about how she had always worn pads instead of tampons during her monthly cycle because she didn’t like the idea of something potentially getting lost inside her. I totally I understood her  feeling even though I have always used tampons during my monthly cycle. So she went on to say in her story about how much she loved using the Blossom Cup and how inexpensive it was compared to the other cups out there on the market. The cost of the Blossom Cup is right around $16.00!!!! And you can purchase it through Amazon.

For Christmas this past year I got an Amazon gift card from a friend and decided to use it to purchase my own Blossom Cup. My cup arrived a few days into my January cycle so I began the use of it when my flow was not as heavy as it would have been had I used it from the beginning but I just couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Upon arriving home from work, I opened the box to inspect the cup and wondered if I could actually get it inside me. The directions read to fold the cup in half so that it looked like a C and then insert it just like you would a tampon and then once it was inserted  run your  finger around the edge of the cup to make sure the fold had completely opened up to create the seal in the cervix so to prevent leakage, and so I did. Then I went about my business as usual. A few hours later, just before I went to bed, I reached up to pull on the stub to take my Blossom Cup out to empty it.  I heard a small sound of suction being released and then the cup was free. I inspected the cup and saw the cup was only about half full. I knew then after I put in back in I would not have any problems wearing it while I slept.

Sleeping with my Blossom Cup was awesome! In the past during my monthly cycle I have always worn a pad to bed and then slept in positions where I knew I had much less of a chance at leaking and I know you have all been there too. Because of the Blossom Cup’s design I knew the cup could hold my flow I didn’t have to worry about sleeping in a position to prevent leakage. I could sprawl out if I wanted to, sleep on my back if I wanted to, be in any position  I wanted to! One of the best feeling was waking up in the morning and having to empty the contents of the cup in the toilet and then wipe out the cup and then reinsert and go about my day as normal.

Towards the end of my cycle I almost forgot that I was even on my period! And I have to say I was a bit sad when it was over and I had to put my Blossom Cup away but I absolutely couldn’t wait to use it again! I knew that my February cycle would be the true test to see if the Blossom Cup was really worth the investment. I know this is probably the same for just about every woman but I tend to flow the heaviest during the first couple of days of my cycle. I was worried that at first I might have to empty the cup much more frequently than I had done during the first time I used it.  As I have mentioned before my day job is a preschool teacher and that means that bathroom breaks come far as few between during the day. I worried about my flow being too much for the cup to handle at the beginning of my cycle and not being able to get to bathroom in order to empty the cup accordingly.

Fortunately, my February cycle arrived on the weekend which helped me to be more relaxed. In the morning of my first day I inserted the cup like I had done the month before. Once I inserted the cup and had it in the right position I made sure to run my finger around the sides of the cup to make sure it had opened fully and that the seal had been made. Once I felt I had succeeded I went about my business as usual and went out to run some errands. I kept the cup in for about 5 hours and upon returning home I went to the bathroom to empty the cup. The first thing I noticed was that I did have some light spotting but nothing major.  Then I pulled the cup out and to my surprise the cup was only about half full! I was really pleased about this. I knew then that my Blossom Cup would do its job. Since I knew that I was going to spend the rest of the day just relaxing I decided to wait until I was getting ready for bed to empty the cup again.

At bedtime I went to the bathroom to empty my cup and noticed a few more spotting dots but again they were very light. I figure the spotting my have come from leftover fluid in my cervix the cup missed upon placing the cup inside me. When I pulled the cup out the cup was then close to full. I then knew that if need be on the heaviest days of my cycle I could wear my cup without having to empty it for at least 8 hours!!! The rest of my week went very well with the use of my Blossom Cup. I had a little bit of light spotting again on the second day but after that… Nothing! Overall I am very happy and pleased that I made the choice to start using a reusable menstruation cup. I can’t wait until I get to use my cup again which will be in few days 🙂

Here are some of the things I loved about using the Blossom Cup:

Never having to buy tampons or pads ever again! I went to Walmart one day to find out exactly how much I was spending on tampons and pads every month. For tampons I would purchase two boxes of the 18 count Kotex Click Super Plus Tampons and every other month I would buy a pack of Always Ultra Thin 32 count pads to wear for spotting and at night. Each pack  of tampons would cost me $3.84 and since I would buy two I would end up spending $7.68 each month just on tampons. Now you might be saying that is not a lot to boo hoo about but times that by 12 and I was spending $92.16 a year just on tampons. Now for the pads. The pack of Always Ultra Thin Pads 32 count I would buy every other month cost $6.97. Times that by 6 and you have $41.82. Now adding both large figures together and I came to find I was spending $133.98 dollars a year just in pads and tampons!!!! I don’t know about you,  spend $16.00 on a reusable cup  that can last up to two years or spending $133.98 on disposable feminine products? I chose my Blossom Cup 🙂

Never having to worry about having tampons or pads with you. Again it was such a good feeling to know that all I had to do was reach into the draw in my bathroom sink and pull out my little pink polka-dotted bag containing my cup, sanitize my cup in hot water and begin use. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I bought tampons and pads and if I hadn’t then running around the house trying find a spare one in some travel bag or pants pocket. Then even making sure I had enough tampons to last me the whole day and then find time to run out to the store to buy some.

Never having to let people know your on your period. I don’t about you but I had this thing about throwing out my pads and tampons in the trash and having them sit there for the whole world to see especially if I didn’t have to take out the trash for a while. It does seem a bit silly but I just didn’t like it when I felt like I let the whole world know that I was on my period. Now by using the Blossom Cup I can just dump my menstruation out into the toilet then wipe the cup with a piece of toilet paper, throw that in the toilet, then reinsert my cup and be good to go. No one has to know 🙂

Not having to rush to the bathroom every few hours. With using the Blossom Cup you can let it sit in your cervix for up to 12 hours without having to empty it. In the beginning of my period I emptied it a bit more frequently just because I didn’t exactly know how heavy my flow actually was. I know now that even on my heaviest flow days I can can leave my Blossom Cup in for up to 8 hours!!!! This was one of the best feelings because being a teacher bathroom breaks come far and few between during the work day.

I hope this post inspires you ladies to at least give the blossom cup a try and see if you find it as worth the investment as I do. If you decide to purchase the Blossom Cup click the ad below and you can use the LOVEBLOSSOM to get a 15% discount!!!!

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How I’m Going To Love Me In February & How You Can Love You

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So as everyone knows February 14th is just around the corner. The day known to many of us as Valentine’s Day. For some of us this is a very special day we look forward to. For others not so much. Regardless of your stance on this day my goal of this post is to tell you how I plan to love myself this month and hopefully inspire you to do the same. I designated a page in my bullet journal to create a list of things I plan to do to help me love myself. Here what I have planned so far.

1. Go Ice Skating Every Friday

I am in full agreement that exercise is very important for your body but I am not one of those people that is really big into going to the gym everyday or running or anything like that but I do have to physical activities I do every year. My winter activity is ice skating and for a girl that lives on a tight budget these days ice skating a perfect fit and a relatively inexpensive thing to do. For a public skate will vary depending on where you live. The rink that I go to has a $6 admission fee. There is also a rental fee for skates but I have my own so I don’t have to pay the additional fee but its just a couple of dollars more.

2. Make a natural dry shampoo

I have been scouring Pinterest for recipes to make self-care products using everyday household items that can be found in the pantry. One thing that I have been wanting to make and try is a dry shampoo. I know it would be much easier just to run out to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and pull a can of dry shampoo off the shelf but most dry shampoos have chemicals in them that are not go for hair or the body and I am on an adventure of living a healthier life. I found through Pinterest a recipe for a dry shampoo that calls for just a few ingredients: arrowroot powder, cornstarch, cocoa powder (since my hair is dark) and few drops of your favorite essential oils.

3. Condition my hair with with coconut and castor oil 

Have you ever looked into the amazingly healthy properties coconut and castor oil have that are super helpful to your hair and body? There are so many benefits! A few months ago I had heard about how you can apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair to prevent breakage and splitting and apply it to your scalp to help stimulate growth. Since my hair is ultra baby fine I decided I would give it try. Within a few weeks I notice that my hair was becoming fuller and the baby hair around my face was starting to grow out! Just recently I started adding Haitian Black Castor Oil to the coconut oil and within a few days I noticed the ends of my hair were becoming healthier again. So now this month I plan to apply the mixture to my hair a couple of times a week before I shower.

4. Take an essential oils bubble bath

I really can’t remember the last time I relaxed in a nice warm bubble bath. Since the last few weeks have been pretty stressful I think I am going to schedule in a relaxing lavender bubble bath.

5. Use lavender castor oil every night to relax

Again, as I mentioned above about the benefits of using castor oil on your hair, it is great for your body too and works wonders on relaxing your muscles. So before going to bed I will be using lavender castor oil to help me to relax before going to bed.

6. Read two child development articles

As I have said before in my previous posts, my full-time job is a Preschool teacher and I love it. During the early years of our lives many changes happen. We growth and mature and learn a lot. As a Preschool teacher it is my number one duty to make sure I am helping my students to grow in positive ways and to look for the best practices to help them reach their full potential. Science on the best practices being used to help children learn is always growing with new things to try and it is very important for me as a teacher to know what those practice are to not only help my students grow but for me as a teacher to grow as well.

7. Read two entrepreneurial articles. 

As of late I have been on a quest to look for better ways to help improve myself. Since I have mentioned before that my budget is pretty tight I have been on a particular quest to improve my financial status. I have been doing a ton of cutting back in order to save and pay off as much of my student loans as possible. Unfortunately I am still finding that I am in need of more money to help me to reach my goals. So I am thinking about branching out and turning one of my hobbies into a small business.

8. Read a good book

I can’t tell you how much easier it is just to come home after a long day at work and start binge watching any one of my favorite shows on Netflix. But we have all heard about the harmful effects screen time can have on us so I have decided to go on a Netflix fast for a bit and read for a while before going to bed.

9. Deep clean and organize the bedroom

Right now I share a tiny one bedroom apartment with my mother and let me tell you between all her things that she has and all the things I have it has gotten pretty crowded in this apartment. So I thought that I would go through the things I have in the bedroom and get rid of the thing I am not using or haven’t touched in a year and throwing them out or getting rid of them. As preschool teacher I am constantly making center activities for my students surrounding our themed weeks which mean there are some things I have to keep around: my construction paper, glue, die cutters, etc. I have quite the assortment of much needed craft supplies. I am currently updating my organization and storage system for all my things and my goal is to have it so that everything has a place.

10. Do a closet purge

Oh my I have so many clothes and a lot of them I don’t even wear! A few months ago I was researching a thing called a capsule wardrobe where you have a few select shirts, pants, dresses and skirts in neutral colors as your bases and then a few accessories such as jackets, sweaters, belts and scarves to mix and match. I am going to get serious about doing this. Imagine the agony you would save yourself by having a few select items that you can mix and match and know for sure what you have in your closet!

11. Buy flowers and chocolate for myself

Okay so I know that this may seem a little weird, but come on! Just about every girl I know loves to get flowers and chocolate around Valentine’s Day. We all hope that we may get some from a special someone but for those of us who may not have a special someone there is nothing wrong with going out and buying yourself something special. The whole point of this post really is about me showing love to myself and if I want flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day then I am buying myself some flowers and chocolate. 🙂

12. Write a love letter to myself

Okay so I know that this may sound even more weird than the idea of buying myself flowers and chocolate but everyone loves getting letter from someone whether its just a note from a friend you haven’t heard from it a while or a letter of love from that special someone. I feel it is important to remind ourselves that their is no one out there who is going to love you more than yourself and loving yourself as well as others is very important. If you don’t take care of you how can you take care of anyone else?

So how are you going to love yourself this month? Are you going to take on a new hobby? Maybe start that side business you have been telling your friends and family you are have been thinking about doing for months. Or maybe you’ll just take a long relaxing bubble bath 😉 Let me know what you decide.

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My Most Essential Tracker In My Bullet Journal

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I am so glad I stumbled across bullet journaling! For many years I spent a great deal of time trying to find and purchasing planners that I thought would be a good fit for me without much success. For a long time I had hoped for a someone to combine a planner, to do list and journal all in one and Ryder Carroll had the perfect idea. I love how customizable the bullet journal is and how simple or elaborate you can make it. Now I know all of this seems redundant since I already wrote a post about why I love bullet journaling but I just had to say it again.

I started my bullet journal to keep visual guides to my progress on the goals I wanted to accomplish over the next year(s). One of my biggest goals I want to accomplish this year is buying a car. Now you might be saying to yourself “Really this is one of your biggest goals? Buying a car should be no big deal. Anyone can buy a car.” You have a may have a point there but I want to point out a couple of factors that hinder my progress. Factor 1.) My budget is very modest. I only bring in about $1600 a month with about $1100 going towards my fixed expenses. That leaves about $500 dollars for my variable expenses.

I have done a lot of cutting back on my variable expenses in order to put more money into my car fund. I have started using the Ibotta rebate app to get money back on my everyday purchases. I will be writing a post about how its working for me in the near future. Factor 2.) My credit right now isn’t in the greatest shape and you need to have a good credit score to do just about everything from buying a house or renting an apartment to something as simple as trying to switch cable and internet providers. With all that being said coming up with the funds to purchase a decent car is slow moving for me.

Now to get to what I really want to talk to you about in this post. As I have already stated, I am working towards saving for a decent down payment on a car and I have created a savings tracker to help me to remember to put every spare sent I can come up with into my savings account. If you are a Pinterest junkie like me and have even explored the idea of bullet journaling then you know how those of us who are into bullet journaling love our trackers. I also have a monthly bill tracker, a regular savings tracker, and a debt payment tracker.

My car savings tracker is set up pretty much like game board and since I am a preschool teacher I will use the example of Candy Land. We all know that game from our childhood of turning over cards revealing colored squares in order to move along the game board in order to reach King Kandy’s Castle. Well my car savings tracker titled From Heels To Wheels is a similar concept in that each space on the path has the amount of $50 written in the space. Whenever I place $50 into my savings account a space gets colored. Right now I have decided to stick to coloring my path to a car in green. I haven’t decided if I am going to switch to a different color or just keep coloring it green.

My goal is to reach at least $3,000. Now I know this amount is exceeds most typical down payments for a car but as I have stated earlier in this post my budget is very modest so whatever money I don’t use towards the down payment on my car I will put it towards a maintenance fund for the car. I have also set up an automatic transfer from my checking account to my savings so I can have a small but steady flow of money constantly going into my savings account each month. I hoping this will also help me to reach my goal within a few months.

Have a gotten you interested in starting your own bullet journal yet? If you do have a bullet journal of your own what are your essential trackers? Leave a comment.

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How To Look For The Good In Everyday

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In my last couple of posts I had been sharing with you the pages in my bullet journal that I use to track my goals, budget and spending, and how I initially got started bullet journaling. As I have said too, my ultimate goal for my blog To A New Life is to inspire people to make a new life for themselves whether that means starting their own bullet journal to keep track of everything under the sun or make some financial changes whether it is to save more or pay off debt.In this post I would like to tell you about a page in my bullet journal that has absolutely nothing to do with goals or finances but is a pretty big part of how I make it through the hard times whether its just a bad day at work or a full blown crisis.

A little fun fact about me. My current full time job is a preschool teacher and I have to say its a pretty awesome job. The little ones I have in my care each day have been such inspiration to help me become the best version of myself. One of the themes I teach at the beginning of the school year happens to be a book study about a cat named Pete. I love these Pete the Cat stories because each story teaches children an important moral or lesson. One of my favorite stories about Pete the Cat happens to be about his cool blue magic sunglasses. In the story Pete happens to be having a bad day and a toad come by with some blue sunglasses and tells Pete that if he puts on the blue sunglasses they will help him to see things in a new way. Pete puts the glasses on and his mood starts to become more cheerful. He even helps out his friends who are also having bad days feel better by giving them a try with sunglasses. At the end of the story the sunglasses do end up breaking but a wise owl reminds Pete that he doesn’t need sunglasses to help him to see thing in a new way, he just needs to look for the good in everyday.

So now your probably thinking well what on earth does this cute story have to with bullet journaling? Well getting back to that page I was telling you that I have in my bullet journal that doesn’t have to do with goals or finances is my Gratitude log. A Gratitude log spread is use to record something you are thankful for or a good thing that happened to you on a given day. I do a gratitude log spread each month in my bullet journal. Because like that wise owl said to Pete, you just have to look for the good in everyday.

Many people set up their gratitude logs in different ways. Mine is set up like a monthly calendar and I just write in something good that happened on a given day. It could be a simple as a coworker saying they liked the new shirt I was wearing or something one of my little ones did that made me smile.

Here are some Gratitude log spread I found online:

This one below is from

This one below is from

This below is from

This one is from (not sure of the original owner)

This last one is my gratitude log for January (some things have been blurred to protect the innocent)

I hope this inspires you to look for the good in everyday and create a gratitude log of your own. If you have already made a gratitude log at some point please feel free to share it. I would love to see what you have come up with. 🙂


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Two Simple Tricks to Better Manage Your Money

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A couple of weeks ago I took a serious look at my three year plan spread I have my bullet journal to inspect the goals I wanted to accomplish in the year 2017. After taking a hard inquiry of my goals I realized that most of my goals were financial related in the fact that they involved making large purchases or doing some serious savings. Since my current income is pretty modest I realized I was going to have to do some serious budgeting if I was going to get anywhere with my financial goals. Back in my late teen years I had read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and even set up a mock budget just to practice what having a budget would look. Since I was playing with a pretend scenario I couldn’t correlate my mock budget with real life. Fast forward ten years I now see why having a budget is so crucial, at least for me anyway.

So getting back to the whole setting up a real life budget thing. I will be the first one to tell you I am still pretty much a novice when it comes organizing my finances but I really want to spend this next year in commitment to establishing a better budget. So I browsed Pinterest and the rest of the internet world for budgeting worksheets the would fit my financial situation and help me track my expenses and such. Come to find out with all of those worksheet out there I had a hard time finding one that really fit my financial needs. Then I happened upon an article from entitled 5 Steps to Managing Your Money Like An Adult. The article had an image of a simple budget worksheet containing fixed and variable expense sections that I knew would be perfect for me.  So I did what I do best. I saved the article with the worksheet to one of my Pinterest boards and copied the sections I wanted use in my bullet journal and made it look pretty.

Okay so I had my budget spread but now I was still kind of at a loss at putting it to use. I had an idea about how much my fixed expenses were but what about my variable expenses like groceries, gas for the car, etc? I needed a way to track where my money was going and how much I was actually spending on my variable expenses to get a better idea of setting a spending allowance for them. Enter in my spending tracker courtesy of bobbies_bujo instagram photo I found on Pinterest. Mine is the photo below.

I am absolutely in love with my spending tracker and I now want to explain to you how it works. I drew a long box and split it up into eight columns. In the first column I write in the date I purchased my items on. In the second column I write in what store I purchased the item(s) from or if its a bill I write in where the bill is being sent to. In the third column I write in the type of item(s) purchased whether it was groceries, shoes, etc. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth columns I write in what method I used to purchased the item such as cash, check, or my debit card. In the seventh column I write in how much the item(s) cost. Lastly in the eighth column I write in my spending balance. At the end of the month I categorize the items I purchased and then add up the item(s) in each category. Now I have an idea of how much money I can alot to my variable expenses section in my budget. At least that’s the idea anyway. If you are looking for a great way to help you keep track of your spending this year why not try a spending tracker.

Are there any other ways you use to track your spending? Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!!!!

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How I Use My Bullet Journal To Plan For The Future

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In my first blog post, Why Bullet Journaling Is My New Favorite Thing, I shared with you about how I went from using a pocket-sized composition notebook to running out to Staples to buy an 8×10 Moleskine Graphing notebook to do all of my planning in. One of my favorite aspects about using a bullet journal is that it is completely customizable to fit your needs. I love scrolling through Pinterest and looking at the different spreads people come up with. There is a spread out there for just about everything.

One of the spreads I came across while scrolling through Pinterest that actually got my hooked onto bullet journaling was a photo on Intsagram posted by emschwartzdn. It was a spread to track a three year plan! I immediately saved the pin to my journaling board and since I am pretty good a copying spreads just by looking at picture of the spread I copied the spread of the three year plan into my bullet journal. The three year plan spread has twelve box layout with three rows and four columns. The rows track the years and the columns track the months of the year. Each column is made up of three month sections giving it the twelve block layout design. The picture in this post is the copy of my three year spread. The original design can be found here. Next, I wrote in the dates that I had written in down in my small composition notebook and the goal attached to it. Now I had a visual timeline for tracking my goals and could plan accordingly to reach those goals!

As time has gone by some of the original timelines I had set up for reaching certain goals have changed due to a little thing called Life but the beauty of my three year plan layout is that I can cross things off or erase them (since I used pencil to write my goals in) and move the goal around to better suit the needs of the goal. As you can see in the I have a lot of goals set up through out the next year and a few in the year after that and not much in 2019. I do have dates for goals to reach in those years just not an actual goal to place with them. I guess you could say one of my ultimate goal is to fill my three year spread in the near future. There are other ways to track goals for the future as well. I recently saw a mind mapping spread designed to track goals that don’t really have a specific timeline for completion. i am seriously considering adding a mind mapping spread to my bullet journal in the near future.
Do you have a visual design for a three year plan?  How about a five year plan? Would you like to share about it? Leave a comment below.


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Why Bullet Journaling Is My New Favorite Thing

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A few months ago I was going through a really hard time and not feeling my best in areas of my life. I was constantly pondering where I was at in my life and how I wished I could accomplish more.  In the past I have always tried to set goals for myself whether it was personal or financial but found after while I would get discouraged and lose interest in seeing them through. Part of the reason is that I could never come up with good plan for reaching my goals.

Then one day I was sitting in my comfy purple club chair watching an episode of Fringe on Netflix. The episode happened to be about a killer that was using a alphanumeric system to hunt down his victims. Now I know what you’re thinking…”What in the world does this have to do with goal setting or bullet journaling?” Stay with me and I will explain. In that moment I got an idea and suddenly came up with a plan of how I was going to accomplish some of my life goals that I wanted to see happen over the next few weeks and years.

I  immediately reached for a note pad and a pencil that was on the table beside my chair and wrote down my first and last name on the sheet of paper. Then I wrote a corresponding number under each letter of my name. For example L=12; I=9 and so on and so forth. Then I organized these numbers into calendar dates and the idea was that I work my hardest to accomplish my current life goals by these dates. These dates ended up spanning the course of three years so I now initially came up with a three year plan!

At first I kept this plan in a pocket-sized composition notebook and it was working out well. The one day I was scrolling through Pinterest (I am such a Pinterest junkie FYI) and saw a post about bulletin journaling. Curious to know what bullet journaling was about I click on the link and read about how a bullet journal is essentially a planner/to do list/journal all in one. I  watch Ryder Carroll’s YouTube video of his initial premise behind his idea of the bullet journal and then looked at some picture and post about how others are using the bullet journal concept to help them accomplish their goals. I found some amazing spreads through Pinterest and Google and then went out and bought a Moleskin graphing notebook at Staples and got down to business. So how is it going so far? Absolutely amazing!

In my next few posts I plan on sharing some of my most helpful spreads I have been using to help my progress and my hope is that they will inspire you to start your journey to a new life.