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The Best Lady Investment I’ve Ever Made

So you all know by now I am always on the look out for different ways to help me eliminate as many expenses from my budget as possible. In previous posts, I shared with you how I created a spending log to help me keep track of how much I spend on groceries, eating out, and bills and such to help guide me in establishing  a manageable budget. What I am about to share with you in this post might be a little too much for the guys but ladies you don’t want to miss this.  One expense I really wanted to eliminate from things I have to buy each month were items for the one ugly time of the month we all dread. Our period.

Not long ago, I  heard about a reusable menstruation cup from one of my coworkers and decided to look into it. The first couple I came across were pretty pricey. If you have ever looked into buying a menstruation cup yourself then you know  these reusable cups can cost anywhere from $30-$50.  As a girl looking to cut costs this investment still seemed to be a bit of a stretch for my wallet. Then one day while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I happened upon a video of a woman talking about a menstruation cup called The Blossom Cup. In her story, she had talked about how she had always worn pads instead of tampons during her monthly cycle because she didn’t like the idea of something potentially getting lost inside her. I totally I understood her  feeling even though I have always used tampons during my monthly cycle. So she went on to say in her story about how much she loved using the Blossom Cup and how inexpensive it was compared to the other cups out there on the market. The cost of the Blossom Cup is right around $16.00!!!! And you can purchase it through Amazon.

For Christmas this past year I got an Amazon gift card from a friend and decided to use it to purchase my own Blossom Cup. My cup arrived a few days into my January cycle so I began the use of it when my flow was not as heavy as it would have been had I used it from the beginning but I just couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Upon arriving home from work, I opened the box to inspect the cup and wondered if I could actually get it inside me. The directions read to fold the cup in half so that it looked like a C and then insert it just like you would a tampon and then once it was inserted  run your  finger around the edge of the cup to make sure the fold had completely opened up to create the seal in the cervix so to prevent leakage, and so I did. Then I went about my business as usual. A few hours later, just before I went to bed, I reached up to pull on the stub to take my Blossom Cup out to empty it.  I heard a small sound of suction being released and then the cup was free. I inspected the cup and saw the cup was only about half full. I knew then after I put in back in I would not have any problems wearing it while I slept.

Sleeping with my Blossom Cup was awesome! In the past during my monthly cycle I have always worn a pad to bed and then slept in positions where I knew I had much less of a chance at leaking and I know you have all been there too. Because of the Blossom Cup’s design I knew the cup could hold my flow I didn’t have to worry about sleeping in a position to prevent leakage. I could sprawl out if I wanted to, sleep on my back if I wanted to, be in any position  I wanted to! One of the best feeling was waking up in the morning and having to empty the contents of the cup in the toilet and then wipe out the cup and then reinsert and go about my day as normal.

Towards the end of my cycle I almost forgot that I was even on my period! And I have to say I was a bit sad when it was over and I had to put my Blossom Cup away but I absolutely couldn’t wait to use it again! I knew that my February cycle would be the true test to see if the Blossom Cup was really worth the investment. I know this is probably the same for just about every woman but I tend to flow the heaviest during the first couple of days of my cycle. I was worried that at first I might have to empty the cup much more frequently than I had done during the first time I used it.  As I have mentioned before my day job is a preschool teacher and that means that bathroom breaks come far as few between during the day. I worried about my flow being too much for the cup to handle at the beginning of my cycle and not being able to get to bathroom in order to empty the cup accordingly.

Fortunately, my February cycle arrived on the weekend which helped me to be more relaxed. In the morning of my first day I inserted the cup like I had done the month before. Once I inserted the cup and had it in the right position I made sure to run my finger around the sides of the cup to make sure it had opened fully and that the seal had been made. Once I felt I had succeeded I went about my business as usual and went out to run some errands. I kept the cup in for about 5 hours and upon returning home I went to the bathroom to empty the cup. The first thing I noticed was that I did have some light spotting but nothing major.  Then I pulled the cup out and to my surprise the cup was only about half full! I was really pleased about this. I knew then that my Blossom Cup would do its job. Since I knew that I was going to spend the rest of the day just relaxing I decided to wait until I was getting ready for bed to empty the cup again.

At bedtime I went to the bathroom to empty my cup and noticed a few more spotting dots but again they were very light. I figure the spotting my have come from leftover fluid in my cervix the cup missed upon placing the cup inside me. When I pulled the cup out the cup was then close to full. I then knew that if need be on the heaviest days of my cycle I could wear my cup without having to empty it for at least 8 hours!!! The rest of my week went very well with the use of my Blossom Cup. I had a little bit of light spotting again on the second day but after that… Nothing! Overall I am very happy and pleased that I made the choice to start using a reusable menstruation cup. I can’t wait until I get to use my cup again which will be in few days 🙂

Here are some of the things I loved about using the Blossom Cup:

Never having to buy tampons or pads ever again! I went to Walmart one day to find out exactly how much I was spending on tampons and pads every month. For tampons I would purchase two boxes of the 18 count Kotex Click Super Plus Tampons and every other month I would buy a pack of Always Ultra Thin 32 count pads to wear for spotting and at night. Each pack  of tampons would cost me $3.84 and since I would buy two I would end up spending $7.68 each month just on tampons. Now you might be saying that is not a lot to boo hoo about but times that by 12 and I was spending $92.16 a year just on tampons. Now for the pads. The pack of Always Ultra Thin Pads 32 count I would buy every other month cost $6.97. Times that by 6 and you have $41.82. Now adding both large figures together and I came to find I was spending $133.98 dollars a year just in pads and tampons!!!! I don’t know about you,  spend $16.00 on a reusable cup  that can last up to two years or spending $133.98 on disposable feminine products? I chose my Blossom Cup 🙂

Never having to worry about having tampons or pads with you. Again it was such a good feeling to know that all I had to do was reach into the draw in my bathroom sink and pull out my little pink polka-dotted bag containing my cup, sanitize my cup in hot water and begin use. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I bought tampons and pads and if I hadn’t then running around the house trying find a spare one in some travel bag or pants pocket. Then even making sure I had enough tampons to last me the whole day and then find time to run out to the store to buy some.

Never having to let people know your on your period. I don’t about you but I had this thing about throwing out my pads and tampons in the trash and having them sit there for the whole world to see especially if I didn’t have to take out the trash for a while. It does seem a bit silly but I just didn’t like it when I felt like I let the whole world know that I was on my period. Now by using the Blossom Cup I can just dump my menstruation out into the toilet then wipe the cup with a piece of toilet paper, throw that in the toilet, then reinsert my cup and be good to go. No one has to know 🙂

Not having to rush to the bathroom every few hours. With using the Blossom Cup you can let it sit in your cervix for up to 12 hours without having to empty it. In the beginning of my period I emptied it a bit more frequently just because I didn’t exactly know how heavy my flow actually was. I know now that even on my heaviest flow days I can can leave my Blossom Cup in for up to 8 hours!!!! This was one of the best feelings because being a teacher bathroom breaks come far and few between during the work day.

I hope this post inspires you ladies to at least give the blossom cup a try and see if you find it as worth the investment as I do. If you decide to purchase the Blossom Cup click the ad below and you can use the LOVEBLOSSOM to get a 15% discount!!!!