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How I’m Going To Love Me In February & How You Can Love You

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So as everyone knows February 14th is just around the corner. The day known to many of us as Valentine’s Day. For some of us this is a very special day we look forward to. For others not so much. Regardless of your stance on this day my goal of this post is to tell you how I plan to love myself this month and hopefully inspire you to do the same. I designated a page in my bullet journal to create a list of things I plan to do to help me love myself. Here what I have planned so far.

1. Go Ice Skating Every Friday

I am in full agreement that exercise is very important for your body but I am not one of those people that is really big into going to the gym everyday or running or anything like that but I do have to physical activities I do every year. My winter activity is ice skating and for a girl that lives on a tight budget these days ice skating a perfect fit and a relatively inexpensive thing to do. For a public skate will vary depending on where you live. The rink that I go to has a $6 admission fee. There is also a rental fee for skates but I have my own so I don’t have to pay the additional fee but its just a couple of dollars more.

2. Make a natural dry shampoo

I have been scouring Pinterest for recipes to make self-care products using everyday household items that can be found in the pantry. One thing that I have been wanting to make and try is a dry shampoo. I know it would be much easier just to run out to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and pull a can of dry shampoo off the shelf but most dry shampoos have chemicals in them that are not go for hair or the body and I am on an adventure of living a healthier life. I found through Pinterest a recipe for a dry shampoo that calls for just a few ingredients: arrowroot powder, cornstarch, cocoa powder (since my hair is dark) and few drops of your favorite essential oils.

3. Condition my hair with with coconut and castor oil 

Have you ever looked into the amazingly healthy properties coconut and castor oil have that are super helpful to your hair and body? There are so many benefits! A few months ago I had heard about how you can apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair to prevent breakage and splitting and apply it to your scalp to help stimulate growth. Since my hair is ultra baby fine I decided I would give it try. Within a few weeks I notice that my hair was becoming fuller and the baby hair around my face was starting to grow out! Just recently I started adding Haitian Black Castor Oil to the coconut oil and within a few days I noticed the ends of my hair were becoming healthier again. So now this month I plan to apply the mixture to my hair a couple of times a week before I shower.

4. Take an essential oils bubble bath

I really can’t remember the last time I relaxed in a nice warm bubble bath. Since the last few weeks have been pretty stressful I think I am going to schedule in a relaxing lavender bubble bath.

5. Use lavender castor oil every night to relax

Again, as I mentioned above about the benefits of using castor oil on your hair, it is great for your body too and works wonders on relaxing your muscles. So before going to bed I will be using lavender castor oil to help me to relax before going to bed.

6. Read two child development articles

As I have said before in my previous posts, my full-time job is a Preschool teacher and I love it. During the early years of our lives many changes happen. We growth and mature and learn a lot. As a Preschool teacher it is my number one duty to make sure I am helping my students to grow in positive ways and to look for the best practices to help them reach their full potential. Science on the best practices being used to help children learn is always growing with new things to try and it is very important for me as a teacher to know what those practice are to not only help my students grow but for me as a teacher to grow as well.

7. Read two entrepreneurial articles. 

As of late I have been on a quest to look for better ways to help improve myself. Since I have mentioned before that my budget is pretty tight I have been on a particular quest to improve my financial status. I have been doing a ton of cutting back in order to save and pay off as much of my student loans as possible. Unfortunately I am still finding that I am in need of more money to help me to reach my goals. So I am thinking about branching out and turning one of my hobbies into a small business.

8. Read a good book

I can’t tell you how much easier it is just to come home after a long day at work and start binge watching any one of my favorite shows on Netflix. But we have all heard about the harmful effects screen time can have on us so I have decided to go on a Netflix fast for a bit and read for a while before going to bed.

9. Deep clean and organize the bedroom

Right now I share a tiny one bedroom apartment with my mother and let me tell you between all her things that she has and all the things I have it has gotten pretty crowded in this apartment. So I thought that I would go through the things I have in the bedroom and get rid of the thing I am not using or haven’t touched in a year and throwing them out or getting rid of them. As preschool teacher I am constantly making center activities for my students surrounding our themed weeks which mean there are some things I have to keep around: my construction paper, glue, die cutters, etc. I have quite the assortment of much needed craft supplies. I am currently updating my organization and storage system for all my things and my goal is to have it so that everything has a place.

10. Do a closet purge

Oh my I have so many clothes and a lot of them I don’t even wear! A few months ago I was researching a thing called a capsule wardrobe where you have a few select shirts, pants, dresses and skirts in neutral colors as your bases and then a few accessories such as jackets, sweaters, belts and scarves to mix and match. I am going to get serious about doing this. Imagine the agony you would save yourself by having a few select items that you can mix and match and know for sure what you have in your closet!

11. Buy flowers and chocolate for myself

Okay so I know that this may seem a little weird, but come on! Just about every girl I know loves to get flowers and chocolate around Valentine’s Day. We all hope that we may get some from a special someone but for those of us who may not have a special someone there is nothing wrong with going out and buying yourself something special. The whole point of this post really is about me showing love to myself and if I want flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day then I am buying myself some flowers and chocolate. 🙂

12. Write a love letter to myself

Okay so I know that this may sound even more weird than the idea of buying myself flowers and chocolate but everyone loves getting letter from someone whether its just a note from a friend you haven’t heard from it a while or a letter of love from that special someone. I feel it is important to remind ourselves that their is no one out there who is going to love you more than yourself and loving yourself as well as others is very important. If you don’t take care of you how can you take care of anyone else?

So how are you going to love yourself this month? Are you going to take on a new hobby? Maybe start that side business you have been telling your friends and family you are have been thinking about doing for months. Or maybe you’ll just take a long relaxing bubble bath 😉 Let me know what you decide.